Testcorp-Toxicity Data sheet October 2007


Our initial testing has verified that we can produce a thin fireproof barrier. We can produce a non-burning aircraft interior panel that inhibits the formation of smoke and toxins generated by fires.

In March of 2003, Ford arranged for a Taxicab Fleet Durability Evaluation. The Desert Cab Company of Las Vegas, operating Ford Crown Victoria cabs with 4.6 liter V8 engines, was selected for the evaluation of 40 exhaust FRE Seal manifold gaskets. As of today, several cabs are still running with documented durability of 350,000 miles (the requirement is 150,000) without incident.

Jasper Engine Rebuilders were provided with tubes of FRE-Sealant which was used to form exhaust manifold “O” ring gaskets for durability runs on Ford 460 V8 co-generator truck engines which ran for over 6000 hours, the equivalent of over 400,000 miles on methane fired engines. Methane fires hotter than fossil fuel.
Our laminates have passed the following tests to date:

  • FAA standard fire proof test of 2000°F (1093°C) for 15 minutes flame penetration. Verified by National Technical Systems - FAA certified lab
  • FAA standard test for heat release passed – peak heat release rates less than 10 KW/m2 – acceptable range 65KW/m2. Verified by Testcorp - FAA  accepted facility.
  • FAA standard Test for Smoke Density – passed at lowest levels 0.5 ds average allowable 200 ds. Verified by Testcorp - FAA  accepted facility
  • Toxicity passed lowest level to meet Boeing spec requirements  BSS D6-51377 rev F. Verified by Testcorp - FAA  accepted facility
  • Burn Through Test – the testing company is Mexmil Corporation, NDA signed 10/15/07. Test performed 1-8-08 exceeded 330 seconds.

Below you will find a number of Test Result reports that validate our product's qualities: