​            "Survivability Materials"

Our  inorganic resin composite fireproof laminates can fill the needs of the next generation of the most demanding military/defense applications.  

Our goal is to enhance the current technology, and lead our armed forces through improving the survivability of the individual soldier and increase the capability of withstanding attack.

Our extensive research efforts focus on improving and understanding the need to develop advanced materials and offering alternatives to materials such as kavalar.

Through our inorganic material we can offer solutions to high temperature challenges faced in the military today. Through our system we can regulate the process from the flexible stage to the ceramic stage.

Based on the application needed, we have the ability to change the strength, weight, and durability through the architectural structure and processing selected.

Can you visualize the potential of developing flexible body armor, vests, helmets, and boots that are lightweight, impact absorbing, heat resistant, and fire-proof?

Or the idea of a self extinguishing fire-proof barrier with impact resistance to be used as door panels, or walls to secure an area.

Through our revolutionary material, we can boost the mobility and survival protection of our Military.