High Temperature Resin Matrix

The term “Flexible Ceramics” is used to describe products developed with an inhibited elastic stage and a more fully reactive ceramic stage.  This allows the ceramic materials to remain flexible at temperatures where they perform best.  We have created a poly-blend. Two separate polymers come together to create a hybrid material with properties that enhance each other’s capabilities.

Our inorganic composite material is non-combustible.  It is thermally stable and can enter and sustain itself in the “Red Heat Zone” (600-1000° C) for extended time periods. We have developed a multi-purpose universal polymer system with superior fire resistance capability.

Our resin is viscous with excellent impregnating ability and is process compatible with current laminate processing equipment. Environmentally friendly and completely recyclable, it is waterproof, smokeless, non-toxic and self-extinguishing. The resin can be stored and processed at ambient temperature and has high chemical and corrosive resistance. 

Our temperature induced polymerization process is solvent less, odorless with no toxicity.  It can be co-cured, forming a thermal bond to high strength polyimides and other composites, acting as a shield.  It can be extruded, injection molded or compression molded and is also capable of resin transfer molding.

Our elastomeric material works well with oxides and offers a superior alternative to existing polyimides with stealth properties. It is very versatile and can produce a wide variety of products to address high-heat concerns in aerospace, defense, automotive, satellite, electronics and building applications.

 Our material has been ASTM 136-09 rated. Test data provided upon request. WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO HANDLE TEMPERATURES BEYOND THE LIMIT OF ORGANIC MATERIALS. Laser cutting transforms the laminate to create ceramically sealed edges.

Net Resin Properties:
   Standard cure cycle 350°F, then let cool to ambient as post cure
      Fireproof Advantage
        Resin Density  : 1.25 g/cc²
          Peel Strength   N/75NP
            Operating Temperature  0 to 2000°F 
              High TG  2000°F

                Low Coefficient of thermal expansion
                 Processing at room temperature
                   Environmentally friendly- Recyclable
                    Thermal Conductivity 0.57 W/m  K thickness
                      Viscosity     10-100 centipoise  similar to epoxy pre-preg
                         Resin content in pre-preg 30%  ±  3%
                           Dialectic Strength      500 Volts/mil @  1 mm
                             Laminate Densified Ceramic Material specific gravity   2.0 g/cc²
                              Bend Radius  ½ inch
                                Standard cure cycle 350°F, then let cool to ambient as post cure
                                   Formula can be varied for faster cure applications
                                         to meet production demands
                                       Moisture resistant with no micro-cracking
                                         UV, Chemical, Oil and corrosion resistance
                                           Significant cost savings and processing advantages