We continue to development advanced inorganic resilient products that can be moldable to various high heat applications in the commercial markets such as, high temperature pipes, furnace barriers, ground base turbine heat exchangers, and train brake pads. This revolutionary building material is lightweight, impact absorbent and flame retardant for exterior and interior building applications. 

Future developments can lead to extraordinary solutions such as a liquid spray to contain or replace Asbestos, or an environmentally friendly fire protection and insulator, a fireproof spray, foam for roofing and structure exteriors. In the electronics industry the material has the capacity to be used as a thermal and electric insulator or as shielding and a heat sink for circuit boards.  

This environmentally friendly recyclable material can offer solutions. Our material is inorganic, and has the ability to conduct heat and offer thermal management.

Through the unique composition of the resin matrix system, and the ability to control advancement to the ceramic state we can customize materials of diverse strength, weight, and durability.

Product Potential

We offer the first known product to offer solutions within the  High Temperature arena of the commercial and industrial markets!

Commercial MArkets

          Commercial Challenges:

The challenge to discover materials that are fire-proof, durable, lightweight, and flexible enough to sustain under extreme temperatures and severe conditions.

Our hybrid material can enter and sustain in "The RED HEAT ZONE".