Can you imagine the ability to offer the automotive industry the first proven non-metallic composite exhaust manifold seal or a gasket that can meet and exceed the current emissions control requirements at significant savings.

Visualize the Potential…

Custom Solutions

An engineered material that offers advantages to create innovative solutions to today’s changes.

Some examples are…

  • As an adhesive, it can be pressure and heat activated.
  • As a sealant, it is pressure and thermally reactive.
  • As a liquid Spray, it can cover or replace asbestos as an environmentally friendly fire retardant material and insulator.
  • As a liquid, it can create high temperature adhesives and composites for extreme environmental applications. 
  • As a prepreg, it can be developed into panels that become impact absorbent fire proof barriers, and also act as a thermal and electrical insulator. 
  • As a bullet proof material, it can be flexible and impact absorbing. 
  • In the “Red Heat Zone“, it can operate as combustion and exhaust reliable components, shields or sealants. 
  • Resin infusion products can operate in the high temperature areas, offering advantage of weight reduction for better fuel efficiency. 
  • As an Elastic Material, it can operate in the high heat arena, retaining its compression recovery elastic capability and sealing durability for extended periods.