Our founder, Mr. William Clarke set our company goal “to save lives and eliminate the threat of fire” through innovative product development.  Almost his entire career was within the realm of composites for high temperature applications.  As a pioneer in the field, he worked with the Ford Aerospace Company to create the first composite drive shaft; for which a joint patent was filed (US 4279275).  He also worked on the development of the composite fire exhaust seals for the G E Turbines and Flame Holders for the Rolls Royce engines.  Bill worked closely with Ford Motor Company to develop a fiber reinforced ceramic gasket.  These gaskets exceeded all test requirements, including durability of 4 years and 450,000 miles.

Building on this vast base of experience and product development, Flexible Ceramics Inc. was incorporated in March of 2006.  Advancing the formulation and mixing techniques, we have taken this resin matrix to a new level.  Focusing more on the aerospace industry, we have presented as a seminar speaker at several FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) conferences which has generated interest.  We are a working member of their Fire & Safety Group.  We have passed all the FAA test parameters and have also passed the ASTM 136-09 Furnace Test and the ASTM D638 Power Plant Fire Penetration Test.  We are now in the process of preparing samples for the ISO 1182-2010 Non Combustible Test as designed by the Department of Defense.  Currently, we are in the test stage with Boeing, Airbus, FAA, and Department of the Navy as well as several commercial customers.

In addition, we have developed several products to include detailed process steps and innovations for cost savings advantages.  These products are available as a transfer of technology.

Flexible Ceramics Inc. is an early stage research & development company.  We have developed a resin matrix system to address high heat applications.  Our inorganic resin can operate and sustain itself in the "Red Heat Zone" (600°C - 1000°C) – beyond the limits of organic materials.  This hybrid formulation yields a combination of a tough elastic rubber and hard ceramic properties within the same product.

Company Background 



Our product is organic and environmentally safe.