1. Multi Spark Ignition-This product has the potential to increase fuel savings up to 30% and is currently in development.
  2. Honey Comb Panels- 100% recyclable, lightweight, fireproof, smokeless sandwich panels that can be used for aircraft interiors, flooring, cargo containment, impact and fire barriers, fire retardant interior walls.
  3. Circuit Boards- Offers the ability to be flexible and act as a thermal and electrical conductor in the high heat applications.

Products Developed:

Products in development:

This is a universal material that can be molded to the needs of the application. We have the experience, knowledge and the technical expertise to customize the solution that will best fit your needs.

What are Flexible Ceramics?

We use the term "Flexible Ceramic" to describe products developed with an inhibited elastic stage and a more fully reactive ceramic stage thus allowing the ceramic materials to remain flexible at room temperatures where they perform best.

Our self regulating system transforms slowly. We are able to control the development of the process. Thermally advancing the resin polymer composition and altering the architecture of ceramic filler and fabric reinforcement causing the silicone composite to pass through different phase changes producing different products. 

We can customize the product to address your specific needs.

  1. Resins- Our material is inorganic, non-toxic, fireproof, smokeless and can enter into the “Red Heat Zone”. The product is environmentally friendly, solvent less, and can be processed at room temperature.
  2. Liquid Gaskets- We have developed the only non-metallic composite seal known to successfully operate in high temperatures to 1,000°c.
  3. Fireproof Material- Our product can be used as a lightweight, self extinguishing fire barrier that inhibits the formation of smoke and toxins.